February 26 - March 5 2019
INFRM: Africa 2019
Forum and Fair on International Education
Nairobi–Mombasa, Kenya
The forum is a platform for professional communication for those who are interested in promoting their educational institution on the international market, developing partnerships with foreign universities and training centers, and seeking new strategies for recruiting foreign students.
INFRM: Africa 2019
The goal of INFRM: Africa 2019 project is to promote higher education institutions among target professional and youth audiences for the implementation of long-term interaction strategies, academic mobility and student recruitment in African countries.

In February-March 2019, two events will take place: the Forum on International Education and the Education Fair.

Program «INFRM: Africa 2019»
February 27-28
Forum "International student mobility: from export of education to programs of sustainable development of the region".
March 1-2
International Education Fair - ISFA in Nairobi.
March 3-4
Getting to know Africa: educational meetings and introductory visits.
March 5
International Education Fair - ISFA in Mombasa.
The Forum "International student mobility: from export of education to programs of sustainable development of the region".
The meeting place for an open professional discussion of the most relevant and interesting trends in the field of academic partnership and recruitment of students from Africa. In 2019, the main discussion will be dedicated to issues related to the participation of educational institutions in national and corporate programs of sustainable development and training of employees and with creation of competitive advantages in promoting university brands on the continent and recruiting students.
International Education Fair ISFA
The International Fair ISFA has been held in Kenya and Tanzania since 2011 and is considered one of the best recruiting events in East Africa. The Fair is organized by International Student Fairs Africa. The number of the Fair visitors varies from 800 to 1000 people a day.

Getting to know Africa
Meetings and introductory visits include educational institutions, cultural centers, visiting the main sights of the capital of Kenya, national parks.

Project Coordinator - Grint Center / StudyAbroad.ru - An information resource on studying abroad.
For participation in the Forum and presentations, support and sponsorship, please contact info@infrm.ru or fill out the form below.

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INFRM: Africa 2019
Partners and sponsors of the Forum
Currently, negotiations are being held to support the Forum with representatives of Russian and international corporations, state and public institutions and organizations, including the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, FGBU "Interobrazovanie", specialized committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, MIA "Russia Today" , "African Business Initiative", "Africa Active", etc.
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